Why I Love Hawaii

Warm weather and sunny days Hot sand beneath my toes Yummy mai tai’s and Kona beer   Ice cold in my hand   Lying on the beach listening to waves Outside on our lanai taking a break Very happy in flip-flops and shorts Enjoying the sense of ohana and the Aloha spirit   Hawaii, so far…


obsession with sewing

My Obsession with Sewing

Since you know about Pinot’s obsession with bags and Lokie’s obsession with Jim, it’s only fair I tell you about my own obsession with sewing. I took my first sewing class in 2008 and from the first stitch, was hooked.  My mom is an expert seamstress (she worked as a tailor for Macy’s for years), and I’ve always wanted…


My life as a klutz

I had hoped to get a few posts under my belt before I started revealing secrets about myself. But after last week’s confirmation that I have a broken nose and fractured elbow from walking into a wall (more on that later), I can’t hide it anymore.  I am a klutz.  I am a lifelong klutz.…


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