Do Dogs Look Like Their Owners? Ours Do!

I’ve often heard that dogs look like their owners.  Or vice versa.  I didn’t think I looked like a dachshund, but when I saw this picture, I had to admit, Pinot and I look exactly alike.

dogs look like their owners

Same cheekbones, same facial structure and floppy ears (or in my case, floppy hair).

Pinot and I are both short of stature, with shorter legs and long torsos.  We are svelte (at least I like to believe we are), but have muscles.  We are both athletic and we both hate crust on bread.  So not only do we look alike, we have the same peculiar habits when it comes to food.

Lokie looks more like Jim.  She must get her redheadness from the Irish side of our family.

dogs look like their owners

I think they have the same profile, same nose structure, same mouth and smile, and small ears.  They both have greenish hazel eyes (although Jim is looking down so you can’t see his in this picture).

Lokie and Jim both have long legs and arms and are slim.  They are both fast runners.

Pinot and Lokie celebrate their Chinese side by sleeping in yin yang position.

And once a year, they turn from German bratwurst into Irish sausages, to celebrate their Irish side.

Yes, our dogs look like their owners.  Pinot and Lokie look just like us.

Taiwanese Pinot, Irish Lokie.



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