First Woof Pack Walk of 2015!

Here at the lake, we have a neighborhood dog walking group that we call the Woof Pack.  My friend Stacy started it last year because we found that we liked to walk together and it was great for the dogs to socialize and walk as a pack.

This was one of the very first Woof Pack Walks that we took last year, with the first members, Laura, Kristen, me, Kelly, Stacy and Camille.

Woof Pack

Now that the weather is finally nice again, we kicked off the unofficial start of summer with two walks this weekend.  Pinot and Lokie were very happy to see their dog friends after such a long winter.

The two black labs, Otis and Ranger sat on command for photos, but the two dachshunds didn’t cooperate.  One hot dog didn’t even make it into the picture.

We had a great group on Monday.

Please excuse the humans in the picture.  I know the dogs are cuter.

It was a nice day to walk around the lake.  We met up with Jager the Rottweiler and his new friend Shelby the Pitbull/Bulldog mix.

Woof Pack

This is Shelby, a 10 month old puppy.  She was so happy to be around other dogs and went around sniffing every one.

Pinot loves these walks.  She usually likes to be the alpha dog and lead all the big dogs, but this time she was too distracted from her first contact with the dogs after the winter.

We also met up with Charlie the white and black chihuahua, who decided to pick a fight with Shelby the Pittbull/Bulldog.  I don’t think Charlie realized he was a lot smaller than Shelby but after much barking from him and Lokie, he calmed down and walked with the rest of the Woof Pack.

Kristen was nice enough to fill the kiddie pool with water for the dogs to drink halfway through the walk, but Otis decided he’d much rather get in the pool than drink it.

Gunner thought that looked refreshing and decided he would lay down in the water to cool off.

Needless to say, the dachshunds stayed far from the water.  They think they will melt like the Wicked Witch of the West if water touches them.

Jager then got in the water to show Otis and Gunner that this was his pool.

We love these Woof Pack Walks.  Not only do the dogs get to socialize with other dogs and learn how to get along, but the humans get to know their neighbors better.  And we all get exercise and the dogs are so tired at the end of the day that they are well-behaved after dinner instead of attacking each other and doing crazy zoomies.

Happy walking!  We are so happy the nice weather is here!








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