Lokie’s Obsession with Jim

I’ve told you about Pinot’s obsession with bags.  This is the story of Lokie’s obsession with Jim.

Lokie is my shadow.  She follows me everywhere I go.  If I can’t find her, I usually just have to turn around, look down and there she is.  She sits by the tub when I take a bath.  She accompanies me on every trip to the toilet.  She is my faithful companion, always by my side.

Until Jim comes home.  When he is home, she forgets about me.  All she wants then is to sit on Jim.  And not just on his lap.  She is happy to sit on any part of him.


Lokie thinks Jim’s chest makes a great place to sit.

Never mind that Jim was trying to install a ceiling fan in my sewing studio.  She just wants to be near (or on) him.

She thinks of Jim as her own personal carrying service.

And if Jim’s lap is full (of Pinot), then Lokie just stands on his shoulder.

But the funniest thing about Lokie’s obsession with Jim is the way she sleeps with him.  I’ve caught them taking naps together on the couch.

In all sorts of positions.  Can that be comfortable?

She inserts herself under the covers and in his arms at night.

Shouldn’t that be my place in bed?  I’ve been usurped by a mini hot dog.

If it’s too hot to get under the covers, she still somehow manages to insert herself under his arm.

And apparently, Jim’s face makes a great pillow.

So does his chin.

Lokie thinks it’s perfectly normal to spoon with Jim, with her head on his pillow.

My mom wants to know why I am up taking pictures of them while they sleep, when I should be asleep myself.  I tell her it’s a bad habit I can’t kick. Who can resist snapping a photo when faced with these images?  Even if it is the middle of the night?

Lokie caught me once taking a picture.  I think the look on her face says it all.

“MY Jim.  Not yours!”  And that’s obsessed.



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