Pinot and the Big Dogs

Pinot is a miniature dachshund, but don’t tell her that.  She thinks she is a Rottweiler.  One of the Big Dogs.

When Pinot was a puppy, she didn’t bark at all and her Person thought she was so lucky to get a dog that didn’t bark.  But one day, Pinot the puppy was sitting on the floor in the living room and suddenly, this little sound came out of her.


She scared herself and started looking around to see where that sound came from.


There it was again, but a bit louder.  Getting bolder now, Pinot tried again.


Looking please with herself, she tried one more time.


She sounded just like a Rottweiler!  In fact, people who rang the doorbell and heard Pinot from behind closed doors always looked surprised when the door opens and they see a tiny dachshund.  From her bark, the were expecting a Rottweiler, or at least one of those big dogs.

Pinot is friends with many big dogs.  One of the first big dogs she met was Fletcher, who’s just a tad bit bigger than Pinot.

big dogs

Pinot was taken aback by Fletcher at first.  She thought she was a big dog so what did that make Fletcher, a horse?

But they soon felt comfortable with each other.  So comfortable that Fletcher had Pinot check his teeth.

All good, Fletcher.  Your teeth look good!

Can I tell you a secret Fletcher?  I love big dogs.

And soon, they were running and playing together.

big dogs

Not all big dogs want to play with Pinot.  She was lucky enough to take a trip to California once.  She got to travel on a plane in a bag under the seat in front of her Humans.

And best of all, she got to go to a dog friendly beach in San Diego!  She tried chasing after the big dogs on the beach but couldn’t keep up with them.

Hmpf!  I didn’t want to play with you anyways.

At home, Pinot likes hanging with the big dogs like Otis and friend.

She met Chunk while out on a walk and took an instant liking to his underbite.

She met a giant German Shepherd at our vet’s office and the two instantly connected, surprising the staff who thought we would have to separate them.

big dogs

And best of all, she enjoys showing off her stomach to big dogs she’s in love with, like Max.

Pinot can’t wait to meet more big dogs!  Hopefully none of them will think she’s a tasty morsel and try to take a bite out of this mini hot dog.



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