My name is Lyn Liao Butler. I owned a fitness studio and gym in New York City for ten years and my days were full of stress and work. I was always rushing from one thing to the other, often doing a million things at once and even when I was home, I was working. I forgot to enjoy life and appreciate what I did have.

In 2009, I started sewing as a way to unwind from a long day. It was something I could do for myself and was relaxing, after dealing with people all day. I gave the purses I created as presents, and then people started wanting to buy them. That’s how my etsy shop, Pinot by Lyn was born. I named it after my first dachshund, Pinot. Read about why I named the shop after her here. Since then, we have adopted another dachshund, Lokie.

When I got married, my husband Jim (a New York City Firefighter) and I finally moved out of the city and we now live on a lake. This is the view from our house:

I closed the doors of the gym in the summer of 2013 and am now living a simpler life, focusing on my family and dogs. We adopted a little boy from China in March of 2016 and he has completed our little family.

When I am not designing and sewing purses or running after a toddler, I am a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer. Yes, I enjoy torturing people and making them sweat and burn and live a healthier lifestyle. Come join me in one of my classes at Apogee Fitness and Wellness. I promise not to make you cry.

This blog consists of stories from my life. I hope you enjoy them!





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