Summer Lake Pictures

If you haven’t figured out by now, I love taking pictures of our lake and I got some great summer lake shots this year.

This was taken on a beautiful summer day on the lake, when everything was peaceful and all was right in the world.

summer lake

And this was taken right before a storm.  You can still see hints of sun, but a darkening of the sky of what’s to come.

I love the lake in the summer when everything is so green and lush.

summer lake

I also love how the green contracts with the vivid blue and white sky when the clouds start rolling in.

On a day when the sky is filled with clouds, they reflect off the lake and I was able to get this amazing shot which looks like a postcard to me.

summer lake

I must be getting good at taking pictures of the lake because I think this next shot looks like a postcard too (or maybe I think too highly of my photography skills).

summer lake

I could take summer lake pictures every day (okay, I actually do take pictures of the lake every day).  I even take pictures of the lake through all the trees and foliage surrounding the lake.

If you are lucky, sometimes you get a surprise and capture a beauty like this Great Egret taking flight from the summer lake.

Hope you enjoyed all the lake pictures as much as I did taking them.  I’m off for my daily photography session of our beautiful summer lake…while there are still days of summer left.



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